Mrs. Demetria Willis » WELCOME


I am pleased to have been chosen to help educate your children.  I have 20 years of experience as a classroom teacher.  I hope to be able to encourage students to perform at their highest level.  I have high expectations for students and family support.  Together we can help grow self motivated and successful young people.

Parents, please take the time to view the Schoology Videos for parents and students. They are posted through the technology department. A guide to the videos follow.

To view the videos for Schoology please  click:  
Schoology for Parents / Schoology for Parents


Willis Classroom List


Supply List

Tools for education:

5 thread-bounded composition notebooks  (color and patterns do not matter)Please no Spiral notebooks

40 Pencils for class (turned in to the teacher)  (Pencils will belong to the class)

1 pack Filler Paper

Color pencils


2 Erasers


8 pocket folders variety of colors at least (1 red, 1 blue, 1 yellow, 1 green)

Pencil box or case

2 red pens

2 large boxes of Kleenex tissues

Set of earbuds or headphones

Clear or mesh back pack


  1. Follow my directions.
  2. Speak only with permission.
  3. Get out of your seat only with permission.
  4. Keep hands, feet and objects to yourself.
  5. Treat people and things with respect.


  1. Join meeting 5 minutes before class starts and wait for host.
  2. Enter with first and last name, microphone muted and video on.
  3. Dress appropriately( as if you are in a classroom because you are).
  4. All other devices turned off(games, TV, phone, and music).
  5. Other people out of your space if possible.
  6. Student on video at all times in learning space, unless permission to do otherwise(not in bed or under the covers or head down).

Conference 8:00-8:45


Phone:  (409) 984-8900 ext. 1110