Angela Suitt » Welcome Back Hurricane Laura Survivors!

Welcome Back Hurricane Laura Survivors!

Hey, I MISS YOU! Come back to Mrs. Suitt's Writing Class. Check out my ZOOM LINK and MY SCHEDULE on this page under posts. I need to see you in class every day. Check Schoology for assignments and notes that you have missed. They are listed under the Updates Posts. Scroll through to find my instructions. See you again soon!


Mrs. Suitt's New Schedule

Cihan 8:15-8:35
Johnson 8:40-9:00
Pearson/Green 9:40-10:00
Cobb 10:05-10:25
Thibedeaux 10:40-11:00

This is a picture of me without my glasses and without makeup hanging out during the pandemic. How did you hang out during this time? Did you even get out of your pajama's? Did you eat a variety of good food? Did you sleep in every day? Or was your experience a difficult one? Do you know someone who got sick with Covid 19? Did someone in your family lose their job? Write about what Covid 19 has been like for you in these last 5 months. Be ready to share your story with your new classmates.

Mrs. Suitt's Meet the Teacher Video

Hi! I'm Mrs. Angel Suitt and I'm excited to be teaching you 4th grade Writing at DeQueen Elementary. You and I have so much to learn about this year! Enjoy my video which says a little bit about me. Can't wait to meet you!
Welcome to Fourth Grade Writing! I am thrilled to be teaching you at Dequeen Elementary. This year we have many exciting things planned for you. We will be journaling daily, brainstorming, and learning the writing process. You will all become Master Writers! I can't wait to meet you. See you soon! Love, Mrs. Suitt